Charlotte Sylvanie Mola


(1922 – Feb 23rd 2007)


A Gourbeyre native ( Guadeloupe FWI), this woman is a symbolic figure of the KA culture but she also was one of the carnival voices through the « Mas » group VOUKOUM.


Her ability to achieve hard and multiple tasks, as men would, gave her this nickname AKSIDAN ( accident ), stating that she was an accident of nature. During her long and struggling life as a mother of 6 kids, she worked at many men’s jobs such as charcoal burner, farmer and street-sweeper…


Singing was like a second chance for her , and she knew how to  take it by singing BELE ( bélè) and improvising. So carnival clearly turned out to be a natural playground for AKSIDAN taking her from festivals and concerts all over Europe.


In spite of her eighties, her characteristic voice stuck to the minds and stamped the parades in Basse-Terre. This energy was probably a consequence of what she had been through during her childhood.



With the album « Lokans é rèpriz » and till the end…she really is a mark on our culture.